Reviewing Casinos

Casino reviews

So with us being online casino websites we review all of the casinos the display on here. This is something we touched on which you can see on the homepage, but it’s an area we will go into in more detail here. So with us being an online casino website review or recommendation page we have a method to how we review all the casino sites.

Open An Account

The first thing we always do is open an account, when we open an account with a new casino we will always look at the welcome offer, to see the value and review the terms and conditions. This is always the first thing to do, we don’t want to place a bet using a welcome offer we don’t understand. By reading the Terms and Conditions to understand them of the offer you will know what the minimum and maximum and minimum you can deposit is, and also how many times you need to play through the bonus in order to be able to withdraw it.

One thing we always look out for before the welcome offer and signing up is the following:

  • The payment methods accepted – this is very important to us and it will be to you too. As you will need to make sure that you can use your favourite payment method to pay and withdraw money. Without knowing this you could end up in a casino, supply all your personal details and then find out that you can’t actually deposit your cash. Then you might be a little annoyed. So always check the payments accepted.
  • Check they are regulated – This is the most important of all. Regulation proves that they are a legitimate casino. If they are not regulated then we would never use them and if you want our advice neither should you, ever! The regulation around online casinos is there for very good reason. The main reason for this is that regulation is in place to protect the gambler ‘you’ and us too. Without this in place the casino could do whatever they’d like and steal your money, it would also be illegal. So if you were using a casino without regulation, not only would you be putting your money and all your personal details into the wrong hands, but you’d also be supporting an illegal operation. Therefore it is extremely important you play a casino that is regulated. Or you can just use the list on Online Casino Websites to choose where you play as we make sure all the sites listed here are under regulation and in most cases the UK Gambling Commission as this is one of the most reliable licences available.
  • The age – every country has a legal age to gamble, for example in the UK to play in or on a casino you have to be at least 18 years of age. Whenever we review a casino we always check the legal age to make sure they are abiding the law. We are not the law makers or police, but it’s important that they follow this. Although if they are regulated they should abide to the respective country anyway otherwise they would not receive regulation or it will be withdrawn, so we would always expect a casino that is regulated to have the correct age restrictions in place.
  • When reviewing a casino, something we do not look into is the local laws for accessing the casino. The reason being is some countries restrict casinos based on the players geographical location. This is because gambling in those countries might be all together illegal. When we review a casino, as we are based in the UK we can only check if the site opens from the IP address we have access to. So if you are playing on the casino in a country where gambling is illegal, it is not something we will point out on here an the chances are you wont be able to open the site. Therefore if a casino we have on our page does not open for you, then please discuss this directly with the casino, but we will always do our best to help where we can.
  • When opening a casino account we run through the whole process of joining, we therefore understand the process from signing up through a welcome offer to the point you deposit, then to an actual wager. We therefore review the systems in place to make sure who the journey runs smoothly. So you may wonder what we look out for. Firstly we’ll look at the landing page, we check this to make sure the relevant markings of there for a casino site, check the Terms and Conditions, understand the welcome offer, review the steps they describe the offer with. This is all just on the landing page, so the things we look out for, are:
    • We confirm the steps are clear. They should always be clear enough so that it is simple to understand the basics to join the casino and redeem the welcome offer. So clarity is important here
    • We check the payment methods are displayed – the miniature logos for the payment options are usually present on the welcome offer, some restrict the method, this can depend on the welcome offer itself. For example Paypal may run an exclusive to encourage customers to use only them. You might only therefore have them as a payment option. In this example, it would not impact our persepective of the offer, as it should mean the welcome offer is enhanced due to this reason.
    • We look for the regulation markings – so for things like the Gambling Commission logo, licence number, wehre they’re licenced from, gamle aware and gambling responsible markings.
    • We will then read through the Ts and Cs to make sure we have an understanding of them.

Once all that has been done we will then click through to the page and put in our details. This should be fairly standard with our name, address, DOB, etc. So we wont review this in such great detail unless something stands out to us due to being missing.

We’ll input our payment details, make a deposit and then set off. As already mentioned, when signing up to the casino on this journey, we will look out to see if anything stands out, as the point between clicking through the landing page to setting up our details should be fairly consistent across the sites.

We will then open a second account and run through the same journey on the mobile site or using the app. This is to make sure the journey is almost identical as it should be.

So at this point we have joined another online casino website, and now we have to review how it plays.

Free Bonus

So now we’ve deposited, we will most likely have our free bonus to use. And as we have read the terms and conditions we will undersand how we should use it. So we use that first, free spins, free credit etc, once that’s on we will then start to use it on the different games such as Roulette. We will check on roulette all the odds, see if there is an auto bet option on there and just make sure the game plays the way a traditional roulette shoud. We’ll do the same on Blackjack, check the payouts, make sure nothing fishey is going on and that all is in order. Also keep an eye to see if customer service contacts us. We will then go and play a game such as Rainbow Riches, make sure this is in order, pays out the rate expected, make sure all the betting options are available. We will also have a look through all the games, see how many there are, check the graphics, they level of pay outs, give some of them a go. We will look to see if they have any unique games we haven’t heard of or played. If anything is unique we will play it and then review it. You may not see the review appear on here, but it’s something we do for our own in house information and also to make sure it’s done at some point and we have a record of it.

Live Casino

Once we have reviewed the games, we will go to the live casino. Here we look at the tables available, visually have a look around, check the rate it streams and make sure it performs to a sufficient standard. Some casinos have very poor streaming, you might think that is down to you own computer, but not always. Sometimes some casinos have a poor upload speed. So here at Online Casino Websites we will review this. We’ll make sure the website streams at the right rate. If it doesn’t we either wont put it on our site, or we’ll approach it with care and make sure its very strong in other areas. We’ll move around the casino from table to table, confirm where the casino is actually based. Once we have been through all this we will then put together our internal review.

Virtual Gaming

Virtual gaming, this is still quite new and is improving drastically all the time, it’s part of the casino experience we review and is still something very important. We will not spend as much time on this in the casino as we do in other areas, just because at Online Casino Websites we think it’s best to focus on other areas, for now anyway. But it’s still very important. So the same for the live casino we will check the streaming speed. This again is very important, as without this you will not get the real live virtual gambling experience and if gambling is important to you than the streaming will be the most important factor.


We will then review the jackpots, check the terms and have a go ourselves. Hopefully win too! But we usually don’t. We go through the jackpots, check the process to win them and make sure there is nothing unexpected surrounding them.


So to recap on how we review a casino, we review the journey to sign up, make sure all is in order and the process is easy and simple to follow, from the landing page through to playing. We then review all the games within the site this includes virtual, live casino and the jackpot. We also collate all the information and run tests on mobile too. For the tests on mobile casinos we mirror all the tests we performed in the online casino websites so that we can come to a proper conclusion for all the casino sites. Once we have gathered all the information we store this in our database as a point of reference to rank them on the site.

Review Published

Once all this process is complete the casino will then be published on the site and not till that point. In the following year our online casino websites team will then perform a recap check to make sure nothing has changed and if it has, to make sure it hasn’t digressed, if for any reason it is worse than it was the previous year we will pull it down from our site. If it’s the same, we wont adjust anything and if it’s improved we will review all the casino improvements. One of the most common changes is the additions of new games. But this does not always occur. We hope you enjoyed reading our review process, now enjoy gambling and picking your casino from Online Casino Websites.