Online Casino Websites Introduction

We are an online guide to casino websites. We have experience, knowledge and understanding across the online casino world going back several years. All our know how is now being used so that you as the player do not have trudge through several sites looking for the best experience whilst wasting your money and not enjoying yourself. With the rankings on this page you should be able to focus on winning, bonuses and enjoyable gambling. So you can rely on us to do the legwork. By following our guide we will help you choose the best casino for you to play and hopefully win. We rank the top casinos by looking at their games, pay outs, bonuses, mobile sites, desktop sites and the overall experience. Our team personally test the casinos and before you ask, we lose some money too. How else would we be able to test the pay outs. Sometimes you have to lose in order to win.


Online Casino Websites Top 10

Ladbrokes Casino Review

£1500Casino Offer

Or £50 on sports


£200 Welcome Offer

Or £30 in Sports welcome offer

Mr Green Casino Review

£100Welcome Offer

Plus 200 free spins


£100 Welcome Offer

Or up to £200 on Sports

LeoVegas Review

£1500Welcome Offer

Plus 100 free spins

SlotsMagic Review

£400Welcome Offer

Plus 200 free spins!

Sapphire Rooms

£500 Welcome Offer

plus 50% match up to £250 Tuesdays

Come On!

£25Welcome Offer

plus £10 on sportsbook

BGO Review

£1500Welcome Offer

Plus 200 free spins

Casumo Casino Review

£1200 Welcome Offer

Plus 200 Free Spins!

Intro Continued…

We also understand online casino websites evolve and change at a fast pace, so our research is never-ending and we continue to review the games and casinos on a daily basis. This is the only way we can remain at the forefront of online gaming. We will always review any new games being released and check the old ones for any changes. We will also only provide you with updates on the top casino sites, this is the only way we can know that all your money is well spent, your winnings can be paid in good time and most importantly you can have fun! This is always our goal, to make sure our players get to used a casino where they can have fun and enjoy themselves.

Now it’s over to you, please follow our lead. Have a gander through our site, look through our lists and choose a casino and offer we rate. If you already have an account at our top rated site, why not try our second, there is not much between the best, but someone always has to come out on top. So feel free to play on all the casinos listed here at your heart’s content and remember they have all achieved a position on this site, even if they are last. Sometimes you will even see a change completely, so if we have a bad experience then this will severely affect our judgement of the Casino on our page. So to finish our introduction, go, gamble, win, gamble responsibly and have fun.
Gambling in casinos online can be a bit of a minefield. If you search for a Casino online you won’t even know where to begin, let alone where you have a fair chance of winning, a good customer service, a strong welcome bonus, good pay outs, an enjoyable experience, a live casino, strong games, Roulette, Blackjack, Slots and more. As you can see, this all sounds a bit daunting. Here at Online Casino Websites through our knowledge, experience and expertise we will provide you with a list of casinos in ranking order to help you along the way. This isn’t to say you will win, if you ever do figure that out, please tell us. But we want to make sure journey you take is the one that’s suitable, fair and most important of all enjoyable.

 Our Casino List

The casinos we list on this site are all assessed using strict criteria and guidelines using a method devised by the owner of the site which is passed down to all the researchers when they carry out a full review of any casino which appears on here. The options you have available to you are not restricted to just UK casinos. We are open to allowing all casinos on here as long as they are approved by our expert team. The options available to you are all fully licensed in their respective countries. Therefore, all the casinos we display are regulated in their respective countries, although the UK Gaming Commission is one of the most respected out there. As a player this is so important. They must always be regulated as that way you can be aware there is a body making sure the casino you’re playing in has someone to oversee them and make sure they are doing things to rules and regulations. You also want assurances that if a casino does anything wrong there is a body you can go to in order to file a complaint that has your best interests in mind. Furthermore, we look forward to providing you with a thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience through the suggestions we provide. Responsible gambling is something we take very seriously. This is something we expect all our players to adhere too, that is why it’s so important players always take a break and gamble responsibly.
So whether you want to spin the roulette wheel, try your luck on a slot machine, fancy your chances on blackjack or have a throw of the dice, you can do it all from the comfort of your armchair on tablet, smart phone or computer. You can even play at work if you wish.

How to choose which online casino website to play?

The casinos we advertise on Online Casino Websites are all displayed to you in ranking order. So feel free to start from the top and make your way down, but we rank number 1 as the best. This does tend to change though, so make sure you come back regularly to check in and see if your favourite casino is one of the best.

Quality of the service provided by the casino

when you become a more experience online casino player, one thing you’ll start to notice is that a number of casinos all seem to be very similar. This is often true as the run similar software from the same gaming company or offer the same games as a competitor. This would therefore make you think “what makes this casino better than the other one”
This is where Online Casino Websites makes the biggest difference. We review the level of customer service on offer as a punter. We don’t want you to have to learn the hard way and make the same casino mistakes we did. When you’re playing roulette, it’s important you enjoy your experience. The same goes for when you play Blackjack, Rainbow Riches, Starburst, Pixies of the Forest or any of the other games. It’s important you enjoy your gaming experience thoroughly. This is another way we review our casino listed sites, through the experience we have had from the site as a whole.

The Welcome Bonus

The bonus offerings are another area which we have under strict review on Online Casino Websites. We review all the bonuses any casino might offer you such as William Hill, Bet365, 888 and more, and we take this into consideration when ranking them. The best welcome offer may not appear first in our casino rankings, but this can be down to the level of customer service we’ve experience in the casino and not just the size of the welcome bonus.

Casino Pay Out

When we rank the casinos on Online Casino Websites one of the very first things we look at is the pay outs. Let’s put it this way to you, after you’ve had your fun spinning the roulette wheel, won and decide it’s time to call it a day. You want to take your casino winnings and spend them on something special. You don’t therefore want to have to wait a long time to receive your winning cash. When we review all the casinos we use our personal experience with the casino to understand if the pay outs are fair. If they are then they will appear in our rankings, if not we won’t even put them in and if we do, they’ll go very low down.
The games are also meant to pay out at a fair rate. If this isn’t the case we simply won’t add the casino in. We don’t want any of our customers getting cheated out of their hard-earned money. It’s very important all casinos operate in a fair manner so all our players receive the service they should expect. There is an element of luck in gaming, but most importantly there is a lot of honesty required.

Reliable casinos

The casinos we post on the site are all known to be reliable, we regularly check them for downtime and any other issues. It’s imperative only reliable casinos are posted on here so that when you’re playing you have the experience you expect and that random issues on the site should not impact this.
Online casino Websites has a team of experience casino players in the team. The guys in the background have worked in the casino industry for years and understand the needs of players, how the games work, the pay outs, the rules, how the regulated industry behaves and what is required by a Casino when being run under the UK Gambling Commission and any other regulation. They use all their experience and knowledge to offer a top-notch selection of Casinos and gaming sites for all players to try their luck at. They are also constantly researching and reading up on changes to gaming sites and reviewing how roulette, blackjack, slots and games are all played to make sure Rainbow Riches, Starburst and all other games deliver the correct pay outs and make the most to enhance all players casino experience. Therefore if a casino is not in our list then think again before you play as there might be something better at the top of our list with a better experience and welcome offer.

Software providers

Every casino you play on has a software provider. Each site we therefore independently review their provider to make sure it provides fun games with fair pay outs. If the destination URL you choose does not provide this, then it will not make it on our tables. Every site we visit we play on all the games, slots and do specialised research to make sure the pay outs are at the standard expected and they are enjoyable to play. Rainbow Riches historically is one of the most played games and 2 key reasons for this are the pay outs and the fun factor when playing. Our expert team will therefore always take this into consideration when checking a casino to make sure it fits into our table.

No deposit bonuses vs deposit bonuses

Almost all casinos will provide welcome offers to their new players and as part of the customer retention they will also send out offers to existing players. The welcome bonuses are the most important on Online Casino Websites. We review all the welcome offers carefully to make sure they all fit the standard expected of a welcome offer. Some are no deposit bonuses, this will mean that in order to get the welcome offer you do not have to deposit any money. However, to withdraw winnings might require you to play through the bonus a certain number of times before you can withdraw. This is fairly standard and legitimate, therefore, if you were playing roulette, blackjack, slots, games or anything else you would have to play the bonus a certain amount of times.
The deposit bonuses work in a similar way except you have to deposit a certain amount which is then matched or multiplied by the respective welcome bonus. These are usually a lot bigger, but a lot better as you can play with more money for free. You also have to play through the bonus a certain amount of times under normal circumstances before you can withdraw, but both of these bonuses are worth it as you get free money to play with which will make your overall experience more fun. If we see a bonus is not legitimate we will not post them on the site and if you do, you should always report them or raise it with the casino. It is so important that no players get ripped off by any casino and if there are problems the Gambling Commission is aware.

Live casino

When we get presented with a casino one of our key places to start is always with the games. We look at how many, how playable, the likely pay outs, can they make you rich (remember they can also make you poor), and as already mentioned are they regulated (which all the sites on here are). But the games are very important, we look to see if they have games like Blackjack, Roulette, Rainbow Riches, Pixies of the Forest, Poker, Slots, Mega Moulah, a live casino as well as all the traditional casino games. We review the RTP and make sure they are all above 90%, this is very important as we don’t want us or our players to be playing games with a smaller pay out. We’d actually expect player returns to all be in the region of 96%. We also review the live game selection. Live games bring you from the comfort of your living room right into the action. You get to sit comfortably in your armchair whilst playing your favourite game and still feeling like you’re there inside the casino. We recommend trying this if you’ve never done it as it really is a fun experience. Live casinos first came on the scene in 2002, so it’s quite a while they’ve been with us, 15 years and counting….! Since they were launched a lot has changed. Fibre optic has had the greatest influence now giving casinos the chance to provide players with the most optimised experience. Gone are the days of pixellated streaming, and now players have a fun, fresh, consistent gaming experience. This is also an area which we would expect to see further Online Casino Improvements in the years to come.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming has revolutionised the way we play Casinos and casino games online. Websites now have to be mobile optimised or mobile adaptable to make way mobile gambling. Therefore this is something which is taken into serious consideration when checking any site. If it isn’t mobile adaptable then we won’t list it. The gaming experience is very important on mobile as nowadays so many people play on the move through their tablet, mobile or even personal lap top.
Some people prefer mobile to desktop whilst other prefer the comfort of their own home, but what’s important to us is that whichever option you choose we provide you with the right options to play on. So if you want mobile our list should cover that and more. And also don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for mobile only welcome bonuses. This is something which is exclusively open to mobile players only. The other thing to look out for is that some casinos have mobile optimised sites whilst others have mobile apps. Both the mobile optimised site and the mobile app should provide a fun, smooth and enjoyable gambling experience.